Five a day

Time I actually wrote about those objects formally known as puppets.

We are currently putting the finishing touches to one of our new productions, “Gingerbread”, in which various bits of fruit, vegetables and objects tell a two stories, mostly for school audiences. A couple of characters who appeared 5 years ago in a Jack/Beanstalk story are being re-rehearsed to tell the Grimms story of the Magic Pot. The Mother is composed of an onion for a head, and a kitchen roll and holder for her body. Being prone to crying (that’s onions for you) she is able to wipe her eyes on the kitchen roll.

The daughter has an apple for a head, and a cheese grater for clothes. They are so poor…..look at the holes in her clothes!

There’s a wise old woman in the woods, and she has no option but to wander the world with her naturally bent body (a banana, naturally). Her journey is not entirely fruitless of course. Porridge rises from the pot and threatens to engulf the planet, which just goes to show there are limits to growth. Luckily puppets are by their nature embodiments of the “Small is Beautiful” point of view.

The Gingerbread man story is told using other kitchen items. The father ‘s head is a jam doughnut, and his wife, who is French, is a croissant. Their clothes are teatowels.

They bake a baby between them after much hilarity, and the eponymous hero is taken from the oven by the Story Cook (me). When he is cool, he is seriously cool,  to the extent that he turns out to be a rebellious break-dancing rapper. He meet Farmer Pepperpot who is made from….well you’re into the concept now.

The Hungry Horse is not intended to be a reference to the pub franchise, but can be if it gets a laugh. The Pig is a pink collander for a head, and a bare hand for his piggy body. Hope I don’t strain my wrist.

The Fox is made from ovengloves, and is named….how clever is this…I should be getting an Arts Council grant…I’m wasted……….is named “Foxglove”.( No it’s not an homage to Love of Seven Doll by Paul Gallico…but could be if that increases my artistic credibility).

The final scene where the fox eats the man in several stages is enacted, but then re-enacted as take two, where the gingerbread man runs away to the Olympics and wins a gold medal. Now I wish I’d thought of that ending a year ago…I could have got Cultural Olympiad cash too! Well, the children’s laughter is its own reward isn’t it. Isn’t it? Ha ha ha ha ha.

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