Head in the Clouds

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It’s a windy day when The Puppet Man arrives to put on a show. His magical hat blows away and goes on a journey giving daydreams to everyone who wears it. Expect to meet a pirate Lollipop Lady, a lonely Polar Bear, a dancing Tiger and the Man-in-the-Moon.

Martin Bridle provides a gentle and entertaining antidote to today’s world of relentless technology, quick fixes and targets, which appeals to both adults and children, using hand puppets and live music to create a funny and fantastic adventure of the imagination.

As an established and trusted performer in theatres and schools, Martin’s head may be in the clouds but his feet are on the ground and he always delivers an inspiring performance.

Witty and whimsical… Magical and musical…


Duration: 45 minutes Age Range: 4 – 9 years

A Hand to Mouth Theatre Production by Martin Bridle and Su Eaton.

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