Traditional Punch and Judy show

Hand to Mouth Theatre present their Punch and Judy show in a old-fashioned seaside style, but very much in the present with each particular audience.

This is a bright, funny and musical version of the traditional knockabout nonsense, distilled from 11 seasons on the beaches of Kent, and international performances in the USA, Russia, and a dozen European countries.

It is guaranteed to produce belly-laughs in the children and nostalgic guffaws from the adults.

Martin Bridle is acknowledged as one of the best Punch and Judy practitioners in the country, and has passed on his wisdom at The International School of Marionettes in France, and at a Master Class at Norwich Puppet Theatre.

Martin and Su are founder members of the Punch and Judy College of Professors.

Su is also the illustrator of children’s book “Punch and Judy in the Rain” written by Martin and published by Hamish Hamilton. 

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