Punch and the Beanstalk

Punch and the Beanstalk

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Since first mentioning the amazing Oasis YouthTheatre and their achievement at getting through the first round in the All England TheatreFestival with their production of “Jack!”, they have gone on to win through the quarter final , the semi-final and then come away with the award for creativity in the English final! The amount of silverware they accumulated on the way is extraordinary:


Su and me helped a little at the start of the project, but really the Oasis crew did the bulk of the hard work, and they won through, defeating adult groups along the way.  This was not a youth theatre competition!


 Oasis theatre with Jack and Cow

Oasis theatre group in action

By chance, Su and me have been publicising our new production based on the same story , though with an entirely different style and theme. It’s called “Jack at the Beanstalk Cafe” and will feature table-top puppets and shadows.

Jack at the Beanstalk Cafe

Su and me performed our seaside Punch show at Norwich Puppet Theatre along with the ever-seasonal “Piggery Jokery” for their “Punch’s Picnic” event. This was followed the next day with a masterclass in P&J which developed into a fruitful exchange of knowledge.

Su at Norwich

Finally, I’ve found a few photos from the “Big Grin” Covent Garden weekend which are too good to miss out:

Ray Da Silva and stalker

Glyn Edwards and Punch’s cousin from India

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